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Someone You Know Needs This.

May 26, 2007

This link takes you to Hello Yarn, a truly fabulous site whose generous designer offers lovely free patterns, as well as cool yarn to buy. I have now made it 5 times. I expect to make a few more before I’m done. Three were straight-up pirate-y hats as designed. One was a pointy topped witch’s hat with bats and owls and skulls. And one was embellished with winged death’s heads and other gravestone images, garnered from this great resource.

In the process of making number two, I stumbled upon this essential technique for color knitting, which has made it a complete breeze, and given me reason to imagine making a Fair Isle vest for Tuxedo Boy. What you do is hold one color in each hand and knit English with one and Continental with the other. If, like me, you used to twist and carry and pick up, you will be amazed at the difference this trick makes. And if this somewhat allusive description makes no sense to you, look here for a full explanation.

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