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Friday Poetry

June 8, 2007

From the quirky and remarkable Come Hither, edited by Walter de la Mare.

This is the Key

This is the Key of the Kingdom
In that Kingdom is a city;
In that city is a town;
In that town there is a street;
In that street there winds a lane;
In that lane there is a yard;
In that yard there is a house;
In that house there waits a room;
In that room an empty bed;
And on that bed a basket–
A basket of sweet flowers
Of flowers, of flowers;
A basket of sweet flowers.

Flowers in a Basket;
Basket on the bed;
Bed in the chamber;
Chamber in the house;
House in the weedy yard;
Yard in the winding lane;
Lane in the broad street;
Street in the high town;
Town in the city;
City in the Kingdom–
This is the Key to the Kingdom.
Of the Kingdom this is the Key.

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  1. Steffaney Smith permalink
    May 23, 2009 12:42 pm

    I wanted to track down this poem after purchasing the picture book “The House in the Night” by Susan Swanson (illustrator
    Beth Krommes is a New Hampshire artist). You will enjoy the version of the poem as it is re-worded in this picture book (also won the Caldecott award this year for best illustrated book.) Thank you — Steffaney

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