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Wallet Shrines

June 23, 2007

Wallet Shrines
Originally uploaded by melynda.huskey

Among the many temptations I have to spend all my time hogging the computer so that poor Tuxedo Boy can’t download any dodos for his Zoo Tycoon game is CraftyPod, where truly creative, generous people rain down coolness on the likes of me.

Hence, Wallet Shrines. Here’s the tutorial at Craftypod, which inspired the ones you see here. The laurel wreath is Little Sunshine’s; the blue and yellow one belongs to Joan, and the orange one is going to Kenya with our friend Debi, who is a craft goddess in her own right. (Debi is magic. When you go to her house, she opens a cupboard or goes in a shed and out comes the one single thing in the whole world that you would have wished for if you’d been thinking ahead. So far that’s included a hummingbird nest, a teapot shaped like a dragon, a pair of dangly bead earrings, some homemade goats’ milk and oatmeal soap, and a vintage wool evening suit with bugle-beaded lapels which fits me perfectly. She can also find garnets in rivers, silk wool dresses in thrift shops, and sterling silver spoons at Goodwill. Because she’s magic.)

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