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These images still haunt my dreams . . .

June 26, 2007

Packard Bell Commercial

In 1996, I saw this extraordinary commercial, and was transported.  Using the available technology, I made Joan videotape it for me, so I could watch it whenever I wanted (often).  Later, we accidentally taped over it while compiling a complete collection of the Toonami double-feature of Sailor Moon and Reboot for Little Sunshine.  I was devastated. 

So devastated, in fact, that I bought a Packard Bell computer.  Don’t ask me to explain the dubious and arcane logical process by which I decided that buying the computer would somehow get me into the terrifyingly beautiful world of the ad, particularly since the ad promised that the computer would keep you OUT of that world.

Also, don’t ask about what happened just eleven months later.  I’ll just say that it is possible for components in a CPU to melt, fuse, and burst into flame while a two year old and her mother are using it to play Madeline’s European Adventure.

Seeing the ad ten years later, I still want to live in that city.  I want to go to that library.  I want to date one of those librarians with the sweet red uniforms.  Well, maybe not.  But I do want to go to that library.

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