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Shasta Daisies

June 30, 2007

Shasta Daisies

Originally uploaded by melynda.huskey

These wholesome and lovely flowers, from our front garden, are here to highlight my joy: my sweet, sweet babies pooled their allowances and bought me the Anniversary Tomb Raider as a surprise!

We played the original Tomb-er-ator (as the kids called it) on the late lamented Packard Bell, back when it first came out. It was a serious ethical conflict at the time: no other shooting games have entered my home, before or since,* including the subsequent Lara games. But Joan convinced me that 1) Lara was an excellent role model for Little Sunshine, and 2) since Lara only shoots animals, we could preemptively declare that her guns shot tranquilizer darts. Yeah.

Anyway, we loved it then. But the remake is far, far more fabulous. We’re having a blast. And she still shoots tranquilizer darts.

Lucky me!

*Excluding the illicit copy of Doom that Joan smuggled into the house and played late at night when she thought I was safely in the bathtub or asleep. The late-night denouement on that act of marital espionage was pretty darned memorable!

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