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Square and round

August 10, 2007

Square and round

Originally uploaded by melynda.huskey

More cupcakes! These are particularly nice, as you can see.

It’s hard to tell from my inexpert photography, but the chocolate ones are square. Square? Yes, because my generous and adorable daughter took her hard-earned babysitting money to our local craft store and bought me a dozen beautiful square silicon cupcake liners as a surprise. Twelve!

The round ones have plain old paper liners–and herein is part of the motivation for Little Sunshine’s generosity. If there is one small drawback to the otherwise perfect confection, it is the ruffled paper shell left behind when the treat has gone to cupcake heaven.

We call them “cupcake underpants,” and the sight of them left on the coffee table, on the counter, or under the computer desk sends me into a frenzy. (For a brief but truly agonizing period, Tuxedo Boy chose to chew up his cupcake underpants and then spit them out. The resulting damp and pulpy mass . . . I can’t go on.)

At any rate, cupcakes made in square silicon liners have no underpants, and this makes me happy.

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  1. Jo Fothergill permalink
    August 10, 2007 11:28 pm

    LOL – great post – i’m biting my lips for fear i might awaken the household …

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