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Wedding Cake

September 9, 2007

I perpetrated another wedding cake this weekend.  This one was designed by one of the brides, a very artistic and creative person who doesn’t like cake.  But she knew what she wanted:  vanilla cake, raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant.  She gave me a very detailed sketch of the decorations she wanted.  There’s a lot to be said for working with someone who knows what she wants; many of my brides have either had no idea at all what they wanted, or had something in mind that they didn’t know how to articulate.  This was easy–as wedding cakes go, anyway.

Three layers, with the usual superstructure of cardboard, drinking straws, and a sharpened dowel.  The fondant was dyed by Tuxedo Boy, who stood patiently kneading Zip-loc bags full of sugar dough and food coloring until we’d achieved uniform pumpkin, olive, and buttercup.  He also mixed the bronze petal dust and vanilla vodka together to create the sparkle paint that gilds so many surfaces.

The original design was for a “topsy-turvy cake,” which is apparently quite fashionable these days.  After doing a little research (check this out!), I had to back out.  I know my limits!  Luckily, the bride was perfectly happy to go with something less elaborately lopsided, which I was confident I could deliver.

In addition to the cake, there were 2 dozen cupcakes, which we arranged in spirals around the cake table.  They looked great.

Both brides seemed very happy with the cake–and as I was setting up at the restaurant, I got to talk with the chef, who asked me a bunch of questions about working with fondant.  Later I snuck him and the waitress a cupcake each–there were plenty, and I know the brides would have been happy to share!

It was a beautiful wedding.  Congratulations, H & S, and may you have as happy a marriage as mine has been!


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