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September 29, 2007

There are so many things that I love–things I don’t need at all, things that probably cost too much, especially in a miserable world, things that there’s no real excuse for.  But every so often, life requires a little dip into the unnecessarily delightsome.  Here are the things–pricy, cheap, silly, obscure–that I turn to for a quick shot of hedonistic joy:

1.  Teatowels.  The sillier the better, of course:  Shakespeare’s plays, fauna of the Highlands, Welsh love spoons.  The fabulous set dancing on the line here are gifts from Lisa and Mel in Whitley Bay.  Thank you, Mel and Lisa!

2.  Aveda Icelandic Sap Moss shampoo.  It’s beautiful to look at, a subtly sparkling mixture of bronze and gold.  It smells like the best, cleanest, most humus-y, and fertile dirt ever.  And it’s pretty good shampoo, too.

3.  A hot water bottle.  Ours came from the drug store.  There is nothing more comfortable than a hot, hot hot-water bottle in a cozy cover.  (Especially when you keep the thermostat at 60 at night).

4.  In the Library perfume.  I’ve blogged about this before:  it smells like the Special Collections rooms at the Ohio State University library, like bookworm happiness, like the halcyon days when I was working on my Ph.D.

5.  Henri Bendel Quince candle.  The best-smelling candle in the entire world.  It perfumes your whole house with a rich quinciness like jam.  It’s also no longer available at my local Bath and Body Works.  I’m getting a little worried.

6.  Homemade candied orange and grapefruit peel.  While I was on maternity leave with Tuxedo Boy, I made some every other day for 9 weeks, and ate almost all of it myself.

7.  Vicks Vapo-Rub.  I’ll just say about this that Joan calls it “the romance killer.”  I can’t help it.  I love it. 

8.  Poco Dolce Aztec Chile bittersweet chocolate tiles with gray sea salt.  The only chocolate I eat now–there’s no use in settling for something other than the bitter, hot, crunchy, sweet, salty bite of these tiles.  Better no chocolate at all than chocolate that isn’t Aztec Chile.

9.  Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are simply the best vegan mint humbugs in the world, and in one of the most pleasingly designed tins ever made.  (Name dropping alert:  Val McDiarmid, noted mystery writer, gave me my first tin of Uncle Joes, for which I will always be grateful.)  And they have a song, the chorus of which runs, “Oh Uncle Joe’s mint balls, they keep you all a-glow, / Give a few to your grannie, and watch the beggar go!”

10.  The novels of Miss Read (Dora Saint).  For 15 years, I’ve been reading out loud to Joan at bedtime (for a while we had three books going–one for Little Sunshine, one for Tuxedo Boy, and one for Joan.  It was a little confusing sometimes to go from Winnie the Pooh to Moomintroll Midwinter to Good Omens. )  Village Diary never disappoints.  Nothing happens, of course, as in all my favorite books, but it doesn’t happen in such an interesting way.

What are your indulgences?  Don’t you need one right now?

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