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Some Things No Kitchen Should Be Without

October 19, 2007

1.  Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning  (aka “red salt”).  The sine qua non of nearly every kind of meat, cheese, or egg dish, and the ingredient that apotheosizes potato salad.

2.  Yellow popcorn.

3.  A bottle of Chartreuse.  The green kind.  It should be several hundred years old, with crystallized sugar all around the threads of the screw-on lid.  Mmmm.

4.  Grey Poupon Country Dijon.  Needed for grilled cheese sandwiches, devilled eggs, and potato salad.

5.  Clabber Girl baking powder.  If you’re not using Clabber Girl, there’s something deeply wrong with every quick bread, cookie, and cake you make.  The can is decorated with sky-blue ribbons, people.  Sky-Blue Ribbons.

6.  Lars Own pearl sugar.

7.  Annie’s Goddess Dressing.  On rice, on salad, on noodles, on salmon . . . if it doesn’t have red salt on it, it should have Goddess dressing on it.

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