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Another New Hat

December 3, 2007

Hat madness still prevails . . . this is my new hat, a cloche by MK Carroll which gave me a fair amount of trouble in getting the gauge just right (3 tries on the brim, 4 tries on the crown!), and which doesn’t look as nice in my leftover wool from the back of my stash as it does in the fabulous heathered Peace Fleece on the website.  But it’s really warm, nicely detailed–check out the tidy bias knit and curled hem on the brim!–and fits well.

I’m back to the silk/wool blend scarf in moss stitch–mostly because we’ve gotten swept up in the Tin Man madness, and I can knit without looking at my fingers while we watch.  It’s loads of fun–and I love the clockpunk feel to it.  Is it just me, or are Glitch and Cain the next big thing in the slash world?  Match made in Heaven, I think.  Raw, on the other hand. . . well, Little Sunshine described him this morning as a “furry plot device,” and that pretty much covers it.  I’m hoping to finish Tanner’s blue socks while we watch tomorrow.  I can rib in the dark with my eyes closed!

I’ve got two requests for Tillies in the queue.  Needle frenzy continues.

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