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Holiday Catch Up

January 22, 2008

There’s so much from the holidays that I didn’t blog about–and now it’s too late.  Life got away from me over my two weeks of vacation.  I haven’t had that much time off since I gave birth to Tuxedo Boy, all those years ago.  I must say, not working has its points, especially in the acting like a giant slug department.  Apparently, if I want to get anything actually, you know, accomplished, I need to be deeply overcommitted.

Now that I’m back to work and the kids are back to school, I’m back to getting some work done.  Thank goodness.  But just to round out the season, here are a few of the holiday highlights.  At the top of this post, notably, is my Christmas presnt from Tuxedo Boy:  a cupcake tree which he bought with his own money (earned by doing housework for my mother, his gift-giving assistant).  I’ve filled it twice:  those are the fluffy white cupcakes with zesty lemon frosting–zest courtesy of my darling aunt and uncle, who gave us the Microplane for which I’ve been yearning in a vague, dissatisfied way for several years.

These are pink lemonade cupcakes made and photographed by my super-woman/classic overachiever sister, Legally Brunette, who reports that they were the hit of her daughter’s class party.  Natch, with decorations lik that–mine have never been that bejeweled. 


I did make this Buche de Noel for our Yule/Solstice/St. Lucy’s Day party.  I made my first buche in 1979, in a desperate bid to improve my grade in French class.  Lucky for me, Mme Nicole Rose was impressed.  I’ve missed a few years since then, but I reckon I’ve done enough of them to build a small cabin.  And every year, I’m amazed and delighted at how easy they are, and how much fun.  Next year, I’ll blog my recipe and a tutorial, including the meringue mushrooms, which are really my favorite part.

But enough retrospective.  It’s time to move on to fields green and pastures new, as Milton remarked.

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