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Dishcloths and Mayhem: Just Another Saturday Night Chez Nous

January 27, 2008

Handmade dishcloths represent the extremes to which knitters will go to justify their craft.  Yes, perfectly good dishcloths may be bought for pennies at any auto supply store, masquerading as shop rags.  Yes, lovely, elegant, and very expensive dishcloths are for sale at any upscale kitchen store.  Yes, I have hundreds of tasks calling my name (for some of which I draw a paycheck).

Yet I spent my evening knitting a Garter and Rib Check dishcloth in red Lion Cotton, and enjoying the absolute bloody hell out of “Shoot ‘Em Up.”

Make of this what you will, reader.  “Shoot ‘Em Up” has not replaced “Babette’s Feast” and “City of Lost Children” as my favorite film, but it has jumped the queue, leaving any number of well-behaved, thoughtful, evocative films in the dust.  From the moment Clive Owen chucked his carrot in the dustbin and schlumphed off to the rescue of the mysterious pregnant woman, I was hooked.  The writers walked the razor’s edge from beginning to end–shameless, charming, and cynically calculating.  Also bloodsoaked, cartoonish, and ludicrous:  but above all, irresistable.  I justify myself with reference to the great samurai films on which my youth was nourished:  it’s a contemporary Lone Wolf and Cub.  No, really.

And my time was not wasted in mere enjoyment, because I finished the lovely dishcloth pictured above, as well as most of another one in a different pattern. 

I’m in the process of designing a “Shoot ‘Em Up” dishcloth, in tribute to a lovely evening.  The yarn is certainly the right color . . .

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