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A Quiz I Actually Wanted to Take

February 16, 2008

Typecast Yourself!

Go ahead, go find out. I’ll wait; after all, you’ve been waiting on me.

It was some time, wasn’t it? The snow, the wind . . . In my twenties, I was surprisingly well-acquainted with a guy who spent several months every couple years in Antarctica, where it is as cold and windy as it has been at my house. But he told me that the worst thing was the crevasses: deep, deep cracks in the ice covered over by compacted, blowing snow. A person could be walking along shivering and cursing the wind, take a step, and disappear. The snow would fall in on top of her, and she’d just be gone. No way of knowing till it’s too late, and nothing to do once you start to fall.

“If you find yourself going through Hell, keep going,” said Winston Churchill. Or wait for a thaw. We have streams of water running under the snow, now. There were robins on the small patches of bare grass on the south hillside this morning.

“Oh, Wind, if Winter comes / Can Spring be far behind?”

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