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Felted Bags

March 8, 2008

I have finally succumbed to the felting bug–at the Co-op Benefit, my good friend Lois was lamenting that she just couldn’t justify bidding on a felted handbag, and it occurred to me that I should try making one for her.  The result is above–a handsome felted bag with antique bronze grommits (and were they fun to put in!).  Before felting, it looked like this:

And that’s what makes felting so irresistable: you start with something that’s fast and easy to knit, and then you put it in the washing machine and get something quite different out.  I’m addicted.  Over the week, I’ve made four bags, counting Lois’s.

This flower basket one now belongs to my sister, Hoe.  It’s just her style–slightly vintage, with an out-of-the-ordinary edge (and she’s always loved chartreuse).

This little baglet was an experiment, and I think it will join the hundreds of bags of all types residing in Little Sunshine’s room. 

I’m currently working on a little evening bag for myself–in an entirely new style.  Who knows if it will work out?  I’m having too much fun to care.

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  1. Jo Fothergill permalink
    March 9, 2008 11:01 am

    two comments – i love the stork scissors and how do you get from knitted to felted???

  2. melyndahuskey permalink*
    March 12, 2008 11:12 pm

    I love my stork scissors, too–they’re known affectionately as Buzzard Beaks around here. My folks gave them to me for my birthday when I was in my teens.

    The transition from knitted to felted happens in the washing machine: hot water wash, cold water rinse, and plenty of agitation. Just like when you accidentally wash a cherished sweater and it comes out tiny and boardlike . . . but when you want it to happen, it’s the coolest thing ever!

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