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What I Did in June Instead of Blogging

July 1, 2008

June is gone.  While it was still here, this is what I was doing:

Took the kids on a breakfast picnic at Idler’s Rest.

Took Little Sunshine to the Emergency Department after she dislocated her left patella falling off that tree.

Finished my Minimalist cardigan (pictures later!)

Moved into an adorable little house in town, with the never-to-be-forgotten help of many, many kind friends (George and Selena, David, Laura, Kim and Shane, Yvonne, Heather and Micah, Lillian, Bud).

Went to Malibu for a workshop in Designing Dispute Resolution Systems, and actually had to sit (briefly) in the same auditorium as Kenneth Starr–UGH.

Got legally married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse–three whole days before Jessica Alba copycatted me, but in the same room. 

Honeymooned on the Queen Mary. (That’s the view from our porthole at the top of this post).

Watched Tuxedo Boy learn to ride a two-wheeler, rollerblade, and hit a tennis ball.

Got a new puppy (yellow Lab/border collie/Australian shepherd cross).

Read way, way too many recipes for North Carolina pulled pork barbeque and got all nostalgic for Raleigh.

Took Little Sunshine back to the Emergency Department after she fell down in the back yard and dislocated her RIGHT patella.

Made chocolate icebox cake and then ate it out of the pan for breakfast.

Planted a tiny flower garden.

Made a fabulous new summer handbag, courtesy of U-Handbag

I wonder what’ll happen in July . . .



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  1. July 2, 2008 12:02 pm

    Congrats on the marriage 🙂 and what a CUTE puppy!!!!!!!

    I think you need to put Little Sunshine in a bubble wrap suit before she dislocates anything else, poor thing!

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