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Big Score at the Goodwill

December 4, 2008

So there’s no money left in the world–not that any of it was mine to begin with, right?–and we’re opting for the cheap thrills at our place.

Which means the Goodwill.  Ours is small, drab, and smelly, like pretty much every Goodwill on earth.  But look what I got last time we visited. 

It was a close call though.  I first saw them in the withered hands of a highly-coiffed old woman who looked like she had every intention of dropping them in her cart, on top of the BeDazzled Christmas sweatshirt and the Thanksgiving coffee mug shaped like a cornucopia.  But she put them down, and I moved in there so fast my cart left skidmarks.

99 cents apiece.

99 cents.

I love them so.

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  1. December 4, 2008 2:03 pm

    That is a great find! I love pyrex bowls, and use them for everything at my apartment. The small blue ones are my favorite, and make perfect cereal bowls.

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