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Tweetcret Santa

December 6, 2008

One of the blogs I follow is the terrific I Like, a design and coolness kind of blog which first caught my attention with its great pictures of British tearooms and cafes in decline, and its love for Tunnock’s.  Now she’s hosting a Tweetcret Santa. 

I have Secret Santa trauma.  Once upon a time, I went into therapy because my office was holding a Secret Santa that I didn’t want to take part in, but did anyway, because I felt like I had to, and ended up drawing the super-scary fundamentalist lady I was afraid of and didn’t want to have to think up cheap, superficial, and ultimately meaningless gifts for.  (Maybe I should still be in therapy over this?) 

Anyway, Tweetcret Santa seemed like a great opportunity to get over this:  an exchange hosted by a really cool person, with a bunch of participants I didn’t know, and would never meet.  So I put my name in the hat, and got. . .

Well.   I got Mia Hansen.  Yes.  Mia Hansen, the super-hip graphic designer from Vancouver.  This Mia Hansen.

More Secret Santa trauma, but from a whole new direction:  just north of “I am just not cool enough to send this person a gift that won’t seem hopelessly lame,”  and east of “Why must I be the pitiful end of the Secret Santa chain?”

Then, with Joan and Little Sunshine’s help, I remembered the nice felted bag and set of beanbags that I’d made and stashed earlier this summer.  They are on their way to Vancouver, where I hope they will not be met with complete disdain.

But there will be no more Secret Santas till I get some more therapy.

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