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Curse You, King Arthur! Curse You!

July 4, 2009

These are the best turnovers ever in the history of that portion of humanity which has evolved sufficiently to devote its energy to turnover making.  Really.  I curse the day I ever starting taking hits off the crackpipe that is King Arthur Flour, because, like that crazy Norwegian folktale where the mill grinds salt (that would be #A1115.2 in the Thompson Motif-Index, where you will also find motif A2006, origin of insects:  monstrous birth from brother-sister incest.  You run across that motif less often than A1115.2, I have to say.) I will be grinding out turnovers from here to eternity. 

They are so good.  So easy and so very good.  The only excuse for not making some RIGHT NOW is not having air conditioning.  But you could stay up till midnight and then make them, once it cools off.  I won’t recap the recipe, since you can go right over to KAF and find it for yourself.  Just don’t wait, because once you’re eating them, you’ll be so sad to think of all the days you haven’t had them.

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