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And the Punchline is: $9 apiece

July 11, 2009

We had a yard sale today.  90 degrees in the shade–not that there was much shade to be had.  Lots of toys and books, of course, and the usual odd kitchen-y things, bundt pans and extra muffin tins and bits of jewelry and all the wedding cake pans I’ve acquired over the years, so that I can’t volunteer in a weak moment to make yet another wedding cake.  I made signs in a disgusting shade of neon pink ($2), and we biked all over town duct-taping them to power poles.  We rented a banquet table so we’d have lots of room to display our things ($10).  I put ads in all the online yard sale announcement-y places (and now I’ve got stupid spam).

Our friends Kim and Shane joined forces with us–bringing a shady umbrella and a lot of really excellent goods (lamps, shelving units, a small gas stove, bookcases, a cocktail cart, and a vintage golf bag on wheels).  I bought their bike rack, which should make it possible to load up the kids’ bikes and drive out to the trail.

By noon we were closing up shop.  I drove everything that didn’t sell right to the Goodwill, where I amazed myself by fighting back a little rush of tears while handing over a big bag of the kids’ old soft toys.  Seller’s remorse?  A reminder of the passage of time?  Natural stinginess?  I hardly know.

At any rate, we managed to make how much?  When relevant costs were extracted, the total was $36 and a Canadian dime. 

P.S.  While we were selling copies of Captain Underpants and a vintage meat grinder (with all its plates! and its original box!), Joan was taking the viva voce section of her certification exams.  She passed with flying colors, hurrah! If all goes according to plan, she’ll soon be a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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