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Thick as Fall’n Leaves in Vallombrosa

October 28, 2009

It will be Halloween in just a couple of days, which means that it will be Tuxedo Boy’s birthday in just a couple of days.  Which means that on Saturday morning, after he marches in the Homecoming Parade with his band, and plays at the pre-game festivities, he’ll be rushing home (thanks, Rachel!) to join nine of his closest friends for a costumed birthday party, followed by a party for slightly more than nine of grown up friends.

Which means that my oven, which burst into showy flames and showers of sparks last Thursday, had better be fixed in time for all the baking required. 

(Note to Fates:  thanks a lot.  Also, thanks for letting Gavin express the consequences of what the vet delicately referred to as a “dietary indiscretion” in the house, because I don’t spend enough time with a carpet cleaner ordinarily.  And I didn’t need the (full) bottle of vegetable oil that Tilly knocked over with her tail in an enthusiastic bid for another biscuit–the kids had a lot of fun sliding around on the kitchen floor.  Migraine?  Sure, why not?  Pouring rain?  Adds to the fun!)

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