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Because I Needed a New Craft to Fiddle With

January 2, 2010

Why didn’t somebody tell me about needle felting?

Well, of course, they did.  But that whole “stabbing little bits of wool with surgically-sharp barbed needles” thing tapped into my childhood trauma of stepping on a fish hook, so I didn’t get into it.  And that was probably best, because now that I’ve tried it,  I can see that it will be a consuming madness for a while.  (Especially since the progress on Nora’s Sweater is slow, since it is composed almost entirely of vast swaths  of impossibly boring stockinette.)

This penguin is, obviously, derived from the instructions in the December Martha Stewart Living. Tuxedo Boy and I came across it as we browsed for cookie recipes, and he was smitten.  What could I do?  A quick browse of Etsy reveals adorable possibilities.  Felted Moomintrolls, maybe?  Watch this space–if not for needle-felted marvels, at least for a closeup of any serious injuries incurred.

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