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Snooping at the Library

May 22, 2010

I spend a lot of time at our local library–it’s the epitome of what a small-town library should be, from the excellent children’s reading room to the hilarious glass display case where local clubs mount seriously old-school public relations campaigns.  I’m talking scrapbooks.

Plus, everyone in town rolls through at one time or another, which makes it a great place to loiter.  Like the grocery store, the library is a great source of observational data.  Who’s getting what audiobook?  Who piles up the cheap mysteries, the angel and baby romance anthologies?

Today, though, I found someone else’s book receipt in my copy of Asian Dumplings: mastering gyoza, spring rolls, samosas, and more. A whole new window on someone else’s life.  Whoever it was not only checked out the dumpling book (which is excellent, and has fired my ambition to make steamed pork buns at home–watch for more on this), but also Cheesemonger:  a life on the wedge, which I checked out two weeks ago and wasn’t that impressed with, and the dvd of  Soderbergh’s “Che.”

Aren’t people peculiar?

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