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The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La!

May 22, 2010

I know, I know:  bok choy isn’t a flower.  But it is as lovely and pearly and lush as a flower, and it came in the very first installment of my Washington State University organic farm CSA (community-sponsored agriculture) bundle today.

It’s like a birthday party  every Friday, to know that vegetables as beautiful as this will be awaiting me (and my string bag) after work.  Hurrah!

(There was also spinach, radishes, and two bunches of arugula–some of which I chopped, sauted with a little garlic and red pepper, and ate with spaghetti–spicy, robust, and delicious, especially on an unseasonably chilly night like tonight, when the cupboard was lamentably bare.*)

* All of a sudden, I can’t keep groceries in the house.  I had to buy milk in the middle of the week, and at this moment–mere hours before I do my Saturday morning grocery shopping for the week–we are out of flour, sugar, eggs, fruit, popcorn, cold cereal, and ovaltine.  I suspect it’s Tuxedo Boy, whose feet have become preternaturally large at precisely the same moment that he has become as moody and languid as Lillie Langtry:  infallible signs that he is about to shoot up like a weed.

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